Services we Provide


Whether it’s an ensuite, an extra bedroom, or an extra storey on your house, ACT Custom Building can handle any extension to any existing home in the ACT. We understand the monetary and sentimental value of people’s homes, so why move out of your family home when you can improve and add to your major asset without the expense and hassle of selling to upgrade to a larger home. ACT Custom Building will work with you to create the perfect addition or extension to your home.


If you feel that your home could use a facelift or if you want to knock out a wall to create a larger space, give us a call and organise a consultation so that we can discuss options for bringing a new lease on life to your home. Renovating and updating your home will improve the value of your home if you’re looking to sell or it can simply give you the satisfaction of stamping your home with your own sense of style.

New Homes/Knock down rebuilds

Bring your new home plans to us and let us make your dream home a reality. We’ll work with you each step of the way and keep you involved throughout the build, so that you can enjoy each moment of the process of watching your new home come to life.

Decks and Pergolas

Let us create a beautiful outdoor living space in your yard. Whether it’s a deck, pergola or alfresco dining area, we can create a space for you to relax, entertain or escape in the comfort of your own home.


We can build or renovate your bathroom, tailored to meet your needs. Whether your dream is for a classic or contemporary bathroom, we work with you to achieve your dream bathroom. We guarantee to use only quality fittings and fixtures and will provide top quality workmanship. Let us help you to create your new or updated bathroom, to suit any budget
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